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MICROFLOW air diffusers are made with permeable fabrics engineered to specific levels of porosity. Millions of tiny air jets are discharged through the diffuser fabric.
Typically, MICROFLOW diffusers are used to displace rather than mix air. To accomplish air displacement the air jets must diffuse very quickly. Where a POWERFLOW air jet may take 20′ or more to diffuse completely, the tiny MICROFLOW air jets diffuse within 6″ of the diffuser surface.
Because the velocity of the tiny air jets slows very quickly, the air generally tends to descend as a mass and displace the air in the lower levels of the room.
MICROFLOW air diffusers are used primarily for three special applications. Since they displace rather than mix air, they are very efficient at removing contaminated air. Secondly, MICROFLOW diffusers can also serve as a filter in sensitive areas, such as food processing, but then will require frequent laundering. In very close, sensitive quarters, MICROFLOW can deliver cool air without drafts.
The key factors in MICROFLOW air diffuser design are fabric porosity, static pressure, and diffuser length and diffuser diameter. It is important to use a filter in conjunction with MICROFLOW diffusers to minimize laundering. Application recommendations include; Office space, telecommunications, Food processing, Classroom, Clean rooms, and test labs.

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Permeable Polyester

Type of Suspension

CableFlush Rail Halo Suspension HD Rail

Recommended Applications

Classroom Clean Rooms Food Processing Office Space


Test Labs


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Permeable Polyester
Polyester is a premium grade uncoated fabric. It has a melt temperature of 350°F and can be laundered in small sections. Polyester is fire retardant and meets ASTM E-84 Class A.



a) Cable: Tension cable is the most economical option. Available for all diameters, Single cable up to 30″ diameter and double up to 48″ diameter and triple above that. Snaphooks are spaced on 36″ centers and available in plastic, stainless steel. Cable is available in galvanized, Stainless steel, and vinyl coated. The system consists of a cable (3/16″ diameter), turnbuckle, eyebolts and cable clamps.

b) Halo Suspension: New Halo Tension suspension system (HTS) gives the appearance of your FlowCon diffuser system to be inflated when the air handling system is off. This option can be used with a simple one row cable suspension or single HD rail to keep the FlowCon diffuser looking inflated without airflow. Limited from 10″ to 36″ diameter, this option is perfect for applications where deflated diffuser hand down is a problem. Sections can easily be taken down and washed with no extra labor. Components include standard one row tension cable or our HD single rail system.

c) HD Rail: New HD anodized aluminum rail is our premium rail system. Sleek smooth look for our FlowCon fabric diffuser system. Available for all diameters, Single rail up to 30″ diameter and double up to 48″ diameter and triple above that. Gliders are spaced on 36″ centers and available in plastic. The system consists of HD rail, rail supports, couplers, and vertical supports (speed links). Radius bends are available to meet elbow radius.

d) Flush Rail: Flush anodized aluminum rail can be used for applications that FlowCon diffuser system has to be near ceiling. Flush rail has to be attached to a flat ceiling or T-Bar system. Flush mount rail is designed to support our ‘D’ Duct diffusers. D duct diffusers are used when ceiling height is a concern. A double Flush rail system is needed to support the ‘D’ duct diffuser. Sizes from 6″ to 18″ radius (12″ to 36″ wide) are available. The system consists of the Flush mount rail, and end piece. Radius bends are available.



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