• Aedia air duct applicated in Automobile seat workshop.
    Post time: Jun-26-2019

    Project introduction Yanfeng andaotuo is the largest car seat supplier for China’s major automobile manufacturers. With its superior products and excellent technology, Aedis stands out from many peers.Workshop ventilation renovation project of zhongda andao tuo (wuhan) seat co., LTD. —...Read more »

  • Where is the air duct usually used in?
    Post time: Jun-25-2019

    Everybody is no stranger to fabric duct, in many large buildings, and office building construction process, especially the common indoor stadium traditional air conditioning air supply system noise is bigger, the emergence of fabric duct, very good to solve the problem, and fabric duct noise is s...Read more »

  • Fabric duct meet automotive workshop station line air supply well.
    Post time: Jun-21-2019

    With the high-speed development of the auto industry, automobile factory workshop also appeared many problems, due to the complexity of the internal spatial structure, mechanical equipment, more workers, more waste produced, there are some problems when using central air conditioning, and the app...Read more »

  • Aedis air fabric duct appliacted in fresh sheepskin cold storage.
    Post time: Jun-17-2019

    Environment This project is a fresh sheepskin  cold storage, there are five cold storage of this type, the required temperature in the warehouse is 0-5 degrees, the net height of the cold storage is 7.5 meters, the bottom level of the air duct is 6.4 meters.The stacking height of the goods in sto...Read more »

  • Aedis fabric duct go CTP production workshop.
    Post time: Jun-14-2019

    Background introduction This project is the second film factory  , the company through continuous increasing product structure adjustment, has developed the printing film, PS version, CTP (computer direct plate making), flexible resin version, such as PCB film series of new products, is the natio...Read more »

  • Thermal insulation fabric duct — energy saving expert in hvac industry
    Post time: Jun-13-2019

    Thermal insulation fabric duct compared to traditional iron duct, using iron 1.12 m2 per square meter iron duct (12%) is loss, Angle iron 1 meters, 7 sets of bolts, nuts, total weight is 1.149 billion kg, according to the formula of carbon emissions: 1 ton need 1.1 tons of standard coal, steel an...Read more »

  • Aedis fabric duct applicated in Automobile assembly shop.
    Post time: Jun-12-2019

    Background & requirements This project is a  automobile manufacturing base, which requires a lot of relevant supporting equipment. Baic is located in zeng city, guangzhou, at 23.3° north latitude, and has a hot and rainy weather all the year round. The main requirements for the site environme...Read more »

  • Aedis fabric go swimming pool.
    Post time: Jun-11-2019

    Environment The natatorium is located on the 6th floor of junyao international plaza, with transparent glass curtain wall structure at the periphery and roof, and a height of 6m.    Equipment parameters Air conditioning equipment adopts modular air conditioning unit, air volume: 42000 m3/h;R...Read more »

  • Aedis fabric duct go Newspaper printing house.
    Post time: Jun-10-2019

    Background. This priject is a printing plant,when the equipment is put into operation, the resulting dust, printing waste gas (the main component of THC) also followed.And these air pollution will cause a great threat to the health of production workers. If working in this environment for a long ...Read more »

  • Aedis fabric duct go cylinder sleeve workshop.
    Post time: Jun-06-2019

    Background: This Casting workshop has a large number of heating equipment and materials, the equipment will produce a lot of heat and a lot of smoke.The thick smell inside the workshop in production process, the working environment of the workshop when burning hot summer comes can be imagined, th...Read more »

  • Aedis fiber duct go  laboratory in Copenhagen.
    Post time: Jun-05-2019

    Operating environment The laboratory is located in Copenhagen, covering an area of about 1500㎡ and a building area of about 4500㎡. It has three floors and its main functions are chemical and pharmaceutical r&d laboratory and r&d office.According to the design specification of the medica...Read more »

  • Aedis fabric duct go Mobile restaurant.
    Post time: Jun-04-2019

    Background introduction Adriana is a famous etiquette and wedding company in Europe and America, has gained a good reputation for its strange manners and methods.One of the events is the circle restaurant, which hosts big parties.It can accommodate 500 people at one time.The roof is designed with...Read more »

  • Aedis air duct go to badminton stadium in Chengdu.
    Post time: Jun-03-2019

     Customer environment This badminton stadium Located in jinjiang district, chengdu city, due to its  characteristics, such as the airflow organization is a key problem for the air conditioning system design, such as chengdu yanlord clubhouse for badminton hall, games room temperature, humidity, s...Read more »

  • Aedis air duct applicated in Low voltage harness workshop.
    Post time: May-31-2019

    Project overview This project is a low-voltage wiring harness workshop with area about 15000m2, the elevation of the workshop is 10 meters, the air volume is large, the installation space is small, and the construction period is short. 1. The elevation of plant space is as high as 10 meters, and ...Read more »

  • Aedis go to Steel foundry workshop.
    Post time: May-30-2019

    Background Zhumadian zhongji huajun casting co., LTD. Is a holding subsidiary of listed company zhongji group (000039) and a sino-foreign joint venture.The company covers an area of 330,000 square meters, the production plant of 82,000 square meters, the total construction area of 100,000 square ...Read more »

  • Aedis fabric duct go to Warehouse of e-commerce park.
    Post time: May-29-2019

    Service environment This project is a layer of the warehouse, the warehouse construction height is 6.8 m, belong to the second class c warehouse, fire rating, 2 warehouse temperature kept at 26 ℃, relative humidity 65% or less. Customer requirements 1. Uniform distribution, temperature and humidi...Read more »

  • Fabric duct applicated in swimming pool.
    Post time: May-28-2019

    Project introduction Shizishan sports park  is adjacent to the north extension section of panxi road, the inner ring highway in the north and tianlin scenic community in the east. in jiangbei district of chongqing cityThis design is its swimming pool. Service environment 1. Relative humidity is m...Read more »

  • Aedis duct applicated in cigarettes warehouse.
    Post time: May-27-2019

    Background. This factory was founded in 1919 , has more than 80 years of cigarette production has established a modern enterprise park, covering an area of 190,413.6 square meters, with a construction area of 105,000 square meters and a green area of 4,600 square meters. Air conditioni...Read more »

  • Aedis fabric duct go to grinding workshop.
    Post time: May-24-2019

    Project background This company specializing in the production of metal wear-resistant parts, components and mining spare parts used in mining, construction and other industrial fields. The workshop of this company adopts a set of healthy ventilation system of ruixin air cooler + pipe type air ou...Read more »

  • Aedis fiber duct applicated in office building .
    Post time: May-23-2019

     Background introduction Henan xin science and technology square, commodity exhibition center is located at the junction northeast JinShuiDong Road with Yellow River east road, covers an area of 20 mu, building area of 54000 ㎡, with the 34000 ㎡, underground 20000 ㎡, 19 layer, the main building...Read more »

  • Fabric duct offer the plant showroom a perfect climate.
    Post time: May-22-2019

    Project introduction This project is located in Beijing teaching botany garden, no. 3, baiguoyuan, longtanhu, dongcheng district. The total construction area is about 40,000 square meters. User requirements 1. This a key construction project in Beijing. The design of the plant exhibition hall is ...Read more »

  • Fabric duct is energy saving compared to the traditional duct system ?
    Post time: May-21-2019

    First of all, the fabric air duct is easier than the traditional air duct system to form an excellent air distribution and temperature stratification in the general place,  it can  saving 10-15% energy compare air-conditioning system when make the environment temperature down 0.5 degrees such as ...Read more »

  • Fabric duct go to Shrimp Farm
    Post time: May-20-2019

    BACKGROUND The largest consumable food item in Las Vegas is shrimp – 22 million pounds of shrimp a year! Where do Vegas hotels and casinos buy their shrimp? We import about 88 percent of our seafood.Fabric Duct Systems began working on an experimental, domestic shrimp farm in 2007 with a North...Read more »

  • Fabric duct change the climate of restaurant.
    Post time: May-17-2019

     The Requirement For Restaurant Ventilation Restaurants have quite specific requirements for air movement with customers sitting down to eat and socialise for several hours. The last thing customers want is to feel air movement at their table, restaurant ventilation is essential for creating the ...Read more »

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