• Aedis applicated in another Vegetable storage center in Weifang.
    Post time: Sep-18-2019

    Recently, we win the bid of weifang jialeja vegetable logistics distribution center fabric duct ventilation project . Excellent product quality, strong technical strength, reasonable price, perfect service system is the reason why customer choose us. The bid will be a new starting point for our c...Read more »

  • Aedis —Jinan national sports center ventilation project.
    Post time: Sep-06-2019

    With the development and promotion of various fields, the application of air conditioning and ventilation system of fabric duct has been more and more widely, such as factories, supermarkets, stadiums, schools, etc. Various rich cases show the applicability of fiber cloth duct in these places, as...Read more »

  • Aedis Fabric Ducting on exhibition in Bangalore ,INDIA.
    Post time: Sep-05-2019

    Our fabric ducting is needed everywhere! These days we are showing our products at trade shows in Bangalore ,INDIA.Hundreds of people from 45 countries came to our booth . Many customers say it will make a big difference to their ventilation ,And would be happy to take it and try our fabric ducts...Read more »

  • Anti-condensation natatorium fabric air duct system.
    Post time: Aug-21-2019

    It decides that condensation prevention is a major function in the initial design of fabric duct.The design of anti-condensation is to use the permeability of the fiber of the pipe wall to form a cool air layer on the surface of the pipe wall, so that there is basically no temperature difference ...Read more »

  • Optimal design and local resistance loss of fabricair duct.
    Post time: Aug-20-2019

    With the in-depth study of the air supply principle of the air duct system of fiber fabric, the design method of the air duct of fiber fabric is becoming more and more mature, including the research and calculation of the resistance of the air duct of fiber fabric. There is also pressure loss due...Read more »

  • Thermal insulation fabric duct solve problem of high-temperature workshop cooling problem
    Post time: Aug-19-2019

    Sorching summer many enterprises are uniform cooling high temperature for the factory workshop and have a headache, and used to traditional duct used in high temperature workshop, there will be local low temperature, high local temperature, indoor work personnel in the face of the hot and cold en...Read more »

  • The advantage of Fabric bag duct in temporary exhibition.
    Post time: Aug-14-2019

    Fabric duct has been widely used in temporary places, especially for large trade fair, they will build a temporary tent as a temporary exhibition venues. The exhibition time show for three days to a month or so commonly, so the hot summer months must leave the central air conditioning. But becaus...Read more »

  • How to alleviate heat stress of pig house in Summer .
    Post time: Aug-08-2019

    Background With the continuous improvement of the scale and intensification of pig production, the environmental control technology of pig houses becomes more and more important.Only by providing appropriate environmental conditions, the production potential, feed benefit and disease resistance o...Read more »

  • Aedis fabric duct applicated in hog house
    Post time: Aug-06-2019

    Background Tianzhao pig industry, founded in 2004, is a modern pig industry group specializing in high-quality breeding and improvement of breeding pigs, providing high-quality pure breed changbai pigs, big white pigs, duroc pigs, pitlan pigs, pitu boars and binary sows for the development of Chi...Read more »

  • Another project of Sports hall in HeNan.
    Post time: Jul-26-2019

    Project introduction The new gymnasium in qinyang city is approved by the people’s government of qinyang city. The project owner is a large-scale project of qinyang city sports bureau, and it is the main hall of the 12th provincial games of henan province.The construction area of this proje...Read more »

  • Aedis managed to walk into another university gym!
    Post time: Jul-25-2019

    Hebei University of Technology is located in tianjin, a municipality directly under the central government of China. It is affiliated to hebei province, a national world-class discipline construction university, national “211 project” key construction university。 The project is locat...Read more »

  • Aedis post air supply system application
    Post time: Jul-24-2019

    Aedis post air supply system brings you a comfortable working environment. It has the features of half investment cost saving, 80% installation period saving, uniform air discharge, low energy consumption, stable operation, long life and high efficiency. The air outlet can be flexibly set accordi...Read more »

  • Aedis fabric duct applicated in meiya kitchenware workshop
    Post time: Jul-18-2019

    In the restaurant of American Asia Thai manufacturing center, the indoor temperature of the restaurant is over 36℃ due to the high and low floor height, the dense flow of people and the building wall without heat insulation layer.Therefore, the owners have put forward a higher transformation dema...Read more »

  • Aedis offer you a uniform and climate air distribution.
    Post time: Jul-15-2019

    Competition in the food industry is heating up. Different categories of products, such as seafood, meat, cakes, fruits and vegetables, and dairy products, have different requirements on temperature, humidity and wind speed.Meisbo bag air duct is designed for food safety in cold storage to ensure ...Read more »

  • Aedis go Pasta production workshop.
    Post time: Jul-12-2019

    Today malang noodle products co., LTD.  is an enterprise in the national food industry.The headquarters is located in xingtai city, hebei province [2].Convenient food as the main business, is a set of production, sales, research and development in one of the modern large-scale comprehensive food ...Read more »

  • Aedis applicated in Drug logistics warehouse.
    Post time: Jul-11-2019

    This project is a construction project of elevated storage and comprehensive storage, with a height of 23.5m for elevated storage and 11.5m for comprehensive storage.There are 14 sets of air distribution systems in the elevated warehouse, with the air volume of 18000m3/h, and 14 sets of air distr...Read more »

  • Various types of features of current ventilation ducts
    Post time: Jul-10-2019

    Galvanized steel pipe One of the most used in the market, the earliest history of ventilation pipe, made of galvanized steel plate processing, suitable for low humidity of general air transport, no insulation and noise elimination function, long production and installation cycle. Inorganic fiberg...Read more »

  • The life and quotation of fabric air duct.
    Post time: Jul-09-2019

    The air duct made of fiber fabric is a flexible end of air ventilation system, which replaces the traditional air duct, air valve and diffuser.It relies on fiber penetration and jet ventilation to achieve uniform air supply mode.Here for you to introduce in detail the most concerned about the lif...Read more »

  • Aedis fabric air duct go into medical warehouse.
    Post time: Jul-05-2019

    Background This project is located in hangzhou, the ancient capital of the southern song dynasty and a beautiful national tourist city. With a registered capital of 100 million yuan, the company is mainly engaged in the wholesale and sales of chemical and antibiotic preparations. GSP warehouse of...Read more »

  • Aedis fabric duct applicated in chemical warehouse.
    Post time: Jul-02-2019

    Background This project company was founded in 1954, is a research, development, production, management of basic chemical, fine chemical, polymer materials, chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other comprehensive chemical enterprises, composed of multiple investors provincial batch join...Read more »

  • Aedia air duct applicated in Automobile seat workshop.
    Post time: Jun-26-2019

    Project introduction Yanfeng andaotuo is the largest car seat supplier for China’s major automobile manufacturers. With its superior products and excellent technology, Aedis stands out from many peers.Workshop ventilation renovation project of zhongda andao tuo (wuhan) seat co., LTD. —...Read more »

  • Where is the air duct usually used in?
    Post time: Jun-25-2019

    Everybody is no stranger to fabric duct, in many large buildings, and office building construction process, especially the common indoor stadium traditional air conditioning air supply system noise is bigger, the emergence of fabric duct, very good to solve the problem, and fabric duct noise is s...Read more »

  • Fabric duct meet automotive workshop station line air supply well.
    Post time: Jun-21-2019

    With the high-speed development of the auto industry, automobile factory workshop also appeared many problems, due to the complexity of the internal spatial structure, mechanical equipment, more workers, more waste produced, there are some problems when using central air conditioning, and the app...Read more »

  • Aedis air fabric duct appliacted in fresh sheepskin cold storage.
    Post time: Jun-17-2019

    Environment This project is a fresh sheepskin  cold storage, there are five cold storage of this type, the required temperature in the warehouse is 0-5 degrees, the net height of the cold storage is 7.5 meters, the bottom level of the air duct is 6.4 meters.The stacking height of the goods in sto...Read more »

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